13th Annual JHM Awards Winners

Arts & Culture

Winner: Marie Brière de la Hosseraye, The Link, "The Final Chapter,"



Winner: Alexandra Jones, The Strand, “Pulling pigtails,”



Winner: Laina Tanahara, LINK Magazine, “Marhabaan Bikum Fi Kanada: My experience volunteering with a Syrian refugee family,”



Winner: Jamie Sarkonak & Richard Catangay-Liew, The Gateway, “Breaking the mould: Michener Park family discovers significant mould in reportedly renovated apartment,



Winner: Farnia Fekri, The Eyeopener, “RSU Restructuring Eliminates Executive Directors in Controversial Move,”



Winner: Jamie Sarkonak, The Gateway, “Peace at last: A Syrian refugee’s journey to Canada,”



Winner: Alexandra Scandolo, The Strand, “Toronto the Cool; A Story of Drake, Cultural Capital, and Internet Importance,”



Winner: Fabian Mayer, The Gauntlet,  “Jason Kenney’s long and treacherous road to the premier’s office,”



Winner: Ben Waldman, The Eyeopener, “Breaking the ice: How one hockey league affected LGBTQ communities,”


Cover of the Year

Winner: Nikolas Litzenberger, Morag Rahn-Campbell, Carl Bindman & Kelsey Litwin, The Link, “First Nations, Last Pipeline,”


Graphic of the Year

Winner: Jerry Yin, The Ubyssey, “Potluck,”


Illustration of the Year

Winner: Austin Legg, Capilano Courier, “Propaganda Proliferation,”


Layout of the Year

Winner: Shelby Blackley, The Cord,  “Movember,”


Photo of the Year

Winner: Louie Villanueva, The Gauntlet, “Election win,”


Sports photo of the year

Winner: Kosta Prodanovic, The Ubyssey, “Late goal secures UBC’s spot at Nationals,”


Video of the Year

Winner: Phil Kim, The Silhouette, “Hammer city roller girls,”


Best Website

Winner: The Ubyssey


Student Editor of the Year

Winner: Melanie Woods, The Gauntlet


Student Photojournalist of the Year

Winner: Andrej Ivanov, The Concordian


Student Journalist of the Year

Winner: Kaitlyn Severin, The Cord