Everything you wanted to ask about the JHM Awards but were too afraid to ask

Okay, so, you’ve been on the NASH79 website. Maybe you’ve seen something about JHM Awards, who knows. Reading the big, long description sheet is difficult and full of boilerplate-nonsensical jargon. Here is everything you wanted to ask about the JHM Awards but were too afraid of looking dumb. You’re not dumb, I (the JHM coordinator) promise.

What are the JHMs?

The John H. McDonald Awards are Canada’s only journalism awards open exclusively to students who've had work published by a Canadian student publication. The “Johnnies” take place annually at the end of NASH (The Canadian University Press’ annual student journalism conference).

Do I need to attend the JHM ceremony to win?

No. But everyone is going to prairie dog around for a couple seconds, looking for you. You’re letting all of these people down.

What are this year’s categories?

Oh baby, I’m glad you asked. Check out these bad puppies:

WRITING AWARDS: Arts and Culture, Diversity, Feature, Investigative, Labour, News, Opinion, Politics, Sports.

VISUAL AWARDS: Cover of the year, Graphic of the year, Illustration of the year, Layout of the year, Photo of the year, Sports photo of the year

MULTIMEDIA AWARDS: Best in Social Media, Video of the year, Best website with budget over 150K, Best website with budget under 150K, Best in Multimedia

INDIVIDUAL AWARDS: Student Journalist of the year, Student Photojournalist of the year, Student Editor of the year.

How and what do I submit?

I’m very glad you asked.

If you want to submit, click here → http://www.nash79.com/jhm-registration/

If you want know what to submit, click here → http://www.nash79.com/categories/

Can multiple submissions from the same author go into one category?

No. If you think you have two awesome stories that would work well in the News Writing category, just pick one. One of them must be better. Multiple entries featuring the same author will be disqualified.

Can I nominate a friend’s work?

Totally, but, to be honest, it’s just better if you nominate your own work and your friend nominates their work. They probably know their work better than you do and in the case that you nominate something for them and they also nominate their work for same category, your nomination will be tossed in the bin/trash/garbage.

What’s the difference between Graphic of the Year and Illustration of the Year?

Please visit http://www.nash79.com/categories/

How do I know if my work is eligible?

Was it published by a Canadian university student news/media publication? Yes? Great!

Was it published between Nov. 1, 2015, and Oct. 31, 2016? Yes? Great!

You have until Nov. 11 at midnight to submit.


$5 per submission if your paper is not a member of the Canadian University Press. Non-member submissions will be tallied after nominations close, publications will be billed afterward. Ask for your Editor’s permission before submitting!

What if I have more questions?

Please contact me, Sean McCullum, your friendly, neighbourhood JHM Awards Coordinator - jhm@cup.ca

Adam Travis